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Looking for the perfect laminate or decorative panel for your build? You’ve come to the right place. Since 2014, we have been partnering professionals and homeowners like you to create homes and workspaces they love, with our vast collection of high-quality panels that ensures you get the right fit for your needs. 


Homes, Offices, Retail and More

From homes and caravans to offices and other commercial projects, we do it all and do it right to deliver durable, reliable products that work for your build. Check out our past work and see how our laminates and decorative panels have enhanced each project.


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Decorative Panels Made in Australia

As a homegrown brand, we offer a select range of decorative panels that are proudly manufactured in Australia. Since 2023, these have been certified as Australian Made by the Australian Made Campaign – an award that stands for authenticity, quality, trust and assurance.


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