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Blending style with practicality, NX Neumatte’s four options keep your spaces looking pristine thanks to a glare-free surface that resists fingerprints. While Supermatte brings sophistication to any modern space, Contemporary is ideal for high-traffic surfaces like kitchen cabinets. Luxe's thermal healing features makes micro-scratches vanish when heat is applied and Studio 20’s vibrant colours are sure to impress all who enter your doors.

Bring a sparkle to your home with NX Neugloss, where durability meets modern elegance, Perfect for kitchen cabinets, wall panels and furniture, this versatile collection shines in any setting. Choose between Supergloss and Modern options to add a touch of glamour to your everyday spaces and enjoy the luxury of easy cleaning.

Imagine your home infused with a touch of elegance and personality in every corner. NX Neuboard brings warmth and style into your living spaces, offering a delightful variety of colours, patterns and textures that perfectly complement your unique taste. From the heart of your kitchen to the tranquility of your bathroom, these durable surfaces are not only stunning but also ideal for areas exposed to moisture, ensuring lasting beauty throughout your home.

Crafted for the modern homeowner, NX Neugrain is not only stain, water and impact-resistant but also effortlessly blends with your personal style. The woodgrain texture brings the allure of wood to your doors and cabinets without requiring the maintenance of real wood. With this sustainable alternative to wood veneers, you can have the look you desire while staying kind to the planet.

Our NX Laminate collection elevates your kitchen’s walls, splashbacks, benchtops and cabinetry with strength and durability. Designed to withstand heat and frequent use, these surfaces resist spills and sunlight to preserve their impeccable appearance day after day. Its Square-edge and Post-form options offer over 200 exquisite solid colours, patterns and woodgrains finishes that merge edges flawlessly while ensuring your kitchen’s surfaces stand the test of time.


Australian Made Certificates

Carbon Neutral Certificates

Greenguard Certificates

Test Results

Fire Rating Test Result

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