The Psychology of Colour: Using Laminates to Influence Mood

Designers and artists have long believed that colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. As Picasso famously lamented, “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Colour Psychology in Commercial Spaces and Restaurants

In the colour psychology space, experts have made valuable insights making it an important aspect of interior decoration. When it comes to communication and creating mood, colour is unbeatable. It can evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of thinking. 

So for interior design in a commercial space or restaurant, colour has serious implications, it creates ambience, and can even whet the appetite! 

Red and earthy shades of red

Red, the colour of passion and excitement, can elicit feelings of warmth, comfort, and love. No colour is as effective as red to rev up our appetites either – there’s a reason why many of the major food chains capitalise on the colour in their branding and decor. Warm colours, such as earthy reds like terracotta or brick, can elicit feelings of warmth, comfort, and love. 

Creams, Oaks, and yellow undertones

Creams offer a neutral backdrop that’s calming and sophisticated. Oak shades bring in a touch of nature, which can be both comforting and inviting. Yellow undertones in these palettes spark energy, warmth, and happiness. Think of a bright café with creamy walls, oak furnishings, and splashes of sunny yellows in the decor, creating an inviting space for patrons to enjoy their coffee and conversation.


From dark chocolate browns that lend a luxurious and intimate touch to caramel and beige shades that offer a light-hearted, casual feel, browns are as versatile as they are comforting. They can be applied in furniture, floorings, or even feature walls. A café with caramel brown sofas and dark chocolate walls can evoke a feeling of being in a cosy cocoon.


While light greys can create a sleek, modern vibe, darker shades can add drama and depth. Pairing grey with pops of vibrant colours, like red or yellow, can break its monotony. Consider a modern bistro with grey walls, or chrome fixtures, paired with vibrant pops of colour for a contemporary chic vibe. 

In office spaces, shades of grey are often used to create a sleek and modern ambiance. Lighter greys can contribute to an open and airy feel, while darker greys can add depth and sophistication to the design. In shop spaces, grey is employed as a neutral backdrop, allowing products and displays to take centre stage while providing a timeless and versatile aesthetic. 

However, grey can be so much more than a backdrop, our laminate ranges offer patterned and textured finishes to add depth and interest to any surface. 


A symbol of luxury and sophistication, black can be overpowering if used extensively. However, using it strategically, like in countertops, or feature walls, can create focal points of drama and elegance

Black can convey sophistication and authority in office or professional spaces, making it a popular choice for executive offices and conference rooms. In commercial spaces, such as retail stores or restaurants, black can create a sense of elegance and modernity, and it’s often used in interior design elements like surfaces and cabinetry, floors, accent walls, and fixtures to make a bold statement and contrast with other colours in the space.


An epitome of simplicity and purity, white provides a canvas that’s both refreshing and expansive. While it’s perfect for minimalist spaces, juxtaposing it with vibrant artworks, plants, or coloured furniture can create stunning contrasts. A sushi bar with pristine white countertops and vibrant dish presentations is a classic example.


From deep navy to soft pastels, blue is known for its calming and serene effects. A seafood restaurant with marine blue walls and light wood furniture can transport patrons to a coastal retreat. Alternatively, in areas where you want to offer a relaxing and private atmosphere such as beauty salons, and medical practices, blues evoke trust, and can provide a tranquil retreat space for therapies. 


The texture and tones of natural wood bring warmth and a touch of the outdoors. Ideal for spaces aiming for a rustic or organic feel, wood laminates can be used on floors, walls, or furniture. A steakhouse with woodgrain tables and earthy decor can evoke feelings of being in a mountain lodge.


Synonymous with luxury, marble patterns in whites, greys, or even greens can add a touch of opulence. Perfect for upscale restaurants or high-end boutiques, marble countertops or floors can elevate the overall aesthetic. Laminates have matured to rival the use and application of traditional marble with the same enduring quality and appearance, as a budget friendly option.

Golds and silvers

Metallics scream luxury. Gold can add warmth and a regal touch, while silver can lend a sleek, modern vibe. Picture a cocktail bar with gold or silver surfaces, walls or cabinets that exude a vibe of modern glamour.

Practical Applications 

Strategic Use of Bold colours and Laminate Finishes: colours and laminate finishes can be used strategically to draw attention to particular locations or design components. For example, using a bold and vibrant colour as an accent wall, complemented by laminate finishes that match or contrast, can create focal points and enhance visual interest. This can be particularly effective in highlighting a specific area in your restaurant, such as a feature wall displaying artwork or a signature dish.

Enhancing a Bar Space with Laminate: In the bar area, laminate finishes can play a significant role in creating a dynamic and energising atmosphere. Consider using laminate surfaces with bold patterns or textures that match your chosen colour palette. Complement these laminate finishes with effective lighting strategies to amplify their impact. This combination can make your bar area a vibrant and lively space, perfect for patrons looking for a lively social experience.

Restroom Design with Enduring Laminate Finishes: In restrooms, laminate finishes offer versatility and durability. Choose laminate surfaces with neutral or subtle patterns to evoke a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation. Or if it suits your brand, go bold and vibrant. Laminate finishes can be used on restroom countertops, partitions, and even a combination of colours and textures applied decoratively to add a touch of personality and style to the space.

Exterior Design with Laminate Finishes: The exterior of your restaurant is the first impression you make on passersby. Incorporate laminate finishes into your exterior design to create a visually appealing facade. Laminate panels in various colours and textures can reflect your brand identity and catch the attention of potential customers while providing a durable and weather-resistant solution.

Beautiful, Customisable Options for Every Application, Everywhere

Beyond warm and cool colours, laminate finishes offer a wide range of options. Explore our laminate finishes that mimic natural materials like wood, stone, or metal. Our laminate finishes can be applied to various design elements, including tables, countertops, bar fronts, and wall panels, allowing you to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing  restaurant interior or commercial space.

NX Decor’s laminate range offers endless possibilities for commercial applications.

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